Standard 106′ New Or Off Lease Mobile Towers



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  • Trailer: A multi-terrain trailer with a standard 14,000lb capacity GVWR and 5,000 lbs of available deck top
    payload; tandem 7,000lb capacity each, heavy-duty axles, all-wheel electric or hydraulic brakes, telescopic
    outrigger stabilizing system, standard 12V arctic/desert wiring and LED lighting package, tow compatibility
    with HD ¾, standard 1-ton or larger tow vehicle (please check individual vehicle ratings); integrated tie down
    provisions, leveling devices, storage containment.
  • Tower: A 72’/22m or 89’/27m, or 106’/32m heavy-duty, self-supporting and guy capable telescopic tower,
    fully automatic, galvanized steel lattice structure, redundant cabling for increased safety factor; keyed power
    panel access, integrated safety features.
  • Heavy-duty, direct drive, TEFC Wash Down rated motors and gearbox tower tilt and erection assemblies; tilt
    and telescopic functions designed for payloads up to 1,100 lbs at 120VAC, limit switch controlled toweroperating

The Solaris TT Series models utilize a standard 14,000 lb capacity Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), heavy-duty multi-terrain trailer and tower system designed to transport its integrated payload and support at site and/or customer-supplied equipment in an approximate 10’10”L x 6’8””W x 4’ H deck area. As designed, the trailer’s skeletal frame is engineered with a minimum factor of safety of 2:1, with 4:1 in critical load areas. The lattice design, hot galvanized steel, telescopic tower, comprised of ~ 21’0” sections, is designed to transport horizontally over the
trailer’s forward deck, automatically tilt using a separate 1.5HP electric motor and raise the tower to its fully extended height, utilizing a separate, single stage, 1.5HP, electric winch motor/gearbox assembly. The TT Series is capable of being deployed, elevated to its full-extended height by one person in under 30 minutes, and can be further secured by an available mechanical tower lock mechanism

Solaris TT Models Trailer Specifications

  • GVWR 14,000 Capacity; GAWR 7,000 lbs Capacity Each Axle
  • Electric Brakes (12V); ST235/80R16 LRE 10-ply Tires
  • Dual 7,000 lb. HD Axles; 14,000 lb Suspension, Grease Hub
  • Full Sized Spare with 16” x 6k 8 hole Disc Wheel
  • Transport Length +32’0”; Transport Height +10’
  • 15,000 lb. Static Load, Drop-leg, Adjustable Trailer Jack
  • Trailer Length +22’9””; Trailer Width 7’6””; Deck Height 33”
  • Deck-over-Axle Configuration; Underslung
  • Customer Equipment Area – Approx. 10’10” x 6’8”x 4’ to 7’H
  • Arctic/desert Wiring-12V; Ground Lugs, Lift/Attach Rings
  • Solid Steel Construction – Min. 50Ksi Yield Strength
  • Emergency Break-away Device; LED Lighting Package
  • C8.7@11.5 Steel Main Beams; C6 @8.2 Perimeter Steel
  • 2-5/16” Ball Coupler or Pintle Eye; P-70 Chains & Hooks
  • Weight (w/o cust equip) ~8,900 lb/72’, 9350 lb/89’, 9700 lb/106’
  • 7-Blade Truck Connector, Operating/Maintenance Manual
  • Customer Equip Capacity:5100 lb/72’, 4650 lb/89’, 4300 lb/106’
  • DOT Safety Decals; Reflectors; Multiple Trailer Levels
  • 1/8” Steel Diamond Plate Platform Decking; Welded Construction
  • Locking Storage Box & Jack Brackets
  • Four (4) HD Telescoping Outriggers; 8,000 lb. Static Load Jacks
  • Black Painted: optional Impact/Weather Resistant Coating

The TT Series trailer is built to meet applicable DOT and United States Federal Vehicle Safety Standards at time of manufacture. The trailer is approximately 18’0” long, with a 7’7” wide rear deck, has an overall transport length of approximately 32’0” and a transport height of approximately 10’. The trailer has a single platform design, is constructed of solid steel with extra heavy-duty main and perimeter frames, and is engineered to support imposed loads as well as withstand all terrain applications (steel yield strength-minimum 50ksi). The trailer unit’s structural frame, and under-carriage are primed and painted black. The unit has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 14,000lbs and an estimated base transport weight without installed accessories of 8,900lbs. When deployed, two (2) deck forward telescopic outriggers, approximately 5’7” each, coupled with two (2) 5/7” each, bumper extending, telescopic steel tube outriggers support and stabilize the tower trailer unit with the use of detachable 7,000lbs lift and 8,000lbs static capacity each drop-leg, leveling jacks.

The TT Series trailer utilizes tandem, heavy duty axles – 7,000 lb capacity each, 14,000 lb. capacity, underslung spring suspension, electric brakes on all wheels, four (4) ST235/80R16 LR E 10-ply tires mounted on 16” 8-hole wheels, a deck or under-carriage installed spare tire mounted on an 8-hole wheel and a 15,000 lb. static capacity, drop-leg front jack. The trailer’s rear platform is approximately 33” high. A minimum 14,000 lb capacity 2-5/16” adjustable ball coupler or 3” NATO pintle eye towing device may be utilized with two (2) 5/16″ P-70 safety chains with hooks. Trailer units include a 12V arctic/desert wiring and LED lighting package, DOT compliant sealed wiring harness, a civilian SAE 7-way plug, multiple lift/attachment rings an emergency trailer breakaway device with battery and charger, a locking storage box, and perimeter grounding lugs.

  • Equipment Install Area: + 10’10””L x 6’8””W x 4’ to 7’ H
  • Overall Trailer Length: + 22’9”
  • Overall Trailer Width: + 7’7”
  • Overall Transport Length: + 32’0” (includes tower extended off trailer rear)
  • Overall Transport Height: + 10’
  • Overall Deployed Footprint: + 20’ W x 30’ (includes extended outriggers)
  • GVWR: 14,000 lb capacity
  • GAWR Each Axle: 7,000 lb capacity
  • Axles: 7,000 lbs each, Tandem axles, heavy-duty, hub grease
  • Brakes: All Wheel Electric (12V); break-away with battery back-up
  • Tires: Four (4) ST 235/80 R16 LRE 10-ply
  • Wheels: 16” Steel Wheels, 8-hole
  • Suspension: 14,000 lb spring capacity, underslung
  • Platform Length: + 18’ over axle area
  • Platform Width: + 7.5” wide at rear
  • Platform Decking: + 1/8” steel diamond plate drawbar and rear operating platform
  • Platform Height: + 33” over axle area, + 26” drawbar trailer deck
  • Outriggers: Two (2) + 5’7”each forward deck mounted telescopic outriggers and two (2) rear deck, multi-stage, 5’7” telescopic, locking stabilizing outriggers ~ each with 8,000 lb static capacity adjustable jacks
  • Towing Device: 2-5/16” ball coupler Optional: NATO pintle eye or Gooseneck Trailer
  • Landing Gear: Single 15,000 lb static capacity, adjustable, drop-leg jack
  • Tow Safety Chains: 5/16” P-70 style with hooks
  • Spare Tire Carrier: Spare tire carrier mounted beneath or a top the deck platform
  • Lift/Attachment Rings: Two (2) pair 1” minimum, “D-ring” style; 10,000 lb each rating
  • Jack Storage: Stored in locking tool box
  • Lights/Wiring: Arctic/desert wiring and LED lighting package (12V), modular harness wiring and connectors, civilian SAE 7-blade vehicular connector
  • Spare Tire: Full size ST 235/80R16 LR E 10-ply mounted to 8-hole wheel
  • Storage Box: Trailer deck mounted locking storage box
  • Bubble Levels: Two (2) trailer mounted levels, one(1) on trailer perimeter and (1) at rear
  • Grounding Lugs: Four (4) trailer-mounted grounding lugs
  • Trailer Finish: Multi-part indus trial primed and painted trailer structure – black.
  • Optional:impact resistant and weather protecting rubberized coating sprayed over the trailer’s deck-top operating platform

Air: C-17, C5

Land: All-wheel, 2 or 4-wheel drive truck or Long Haul Flatbed (Height permit may be required for flatbed transport)

  • First class roads: To 70 mph
  • Graded but unpaved roads: To 30 mph
  • Un-graded roads: To 5 mph

Sea: As deck or hold cargo

Rail: Transportable by rail (with carrying car is designated as special handling)

In the ground transport configuration, the trailer-to-tower structure, all tie-down points, primary/ancillary equipment and their attachments to the trailer shall withstand the specified G-load factors utilizing AISC standards as a guideline with following Transport Acceleration Loadings:

  • Vertical Down: 2.0 G’s
  • Vertical Up: 1.5 G’s
  • Aft/Longitudinal: 1.5 G’s
  • Secured Accessories: Above plus potential 4.5G Download (Primary Components)

Additional TT Series Trailer Characteristics

  • The trailer tongue weight is in accordance with industry practice for similarly loaded trailer configurations
  • The trailer includes level indicators on two planes that are easily visible from the ground
  • Leveling jacks are installed on the trailer to compensate for up to a 5-degree ground slope over the trailer length
  • The height of the outriggers is adjustable by use of the leveling jacks to compensate for variations in terrain; outriggers include a locking mechanism and lanyards to insure their safe transport
  • The trailer is equipped with a minimum four (4) ground lugs
  • Adequate protection for metal-to-metal surfaces is provided; protective sand/marsh pads to prevent surface damage under varied environmental conditions is provided
  • Lanyards and/or locking mechanisms are provided on equipment/components as necessary and are designed to minimize wear on adjacent surfaces
  • The trailer includes a locking storage box providing adequate space for optional guy assemblies and related tools
  • All trailer mounted equipment and accessories requiring periodic operation or maintenance is easily accessible
  • All surfaces that may collect water shall have drain holes where necessary
  • All non-metallic material shall be UV resistant

TT Trailers are constructed from longitudinal monolithic structural steel members and shall be straight within +0.50” or less when in a loaded road transport configuration. The trailer structure, axles and brake assembly shall withstand stresses encountered during the transport configurations described above. A structural safety factor of 2.0 times (up to 4 times for critical load areas) shall be applied to the design of the trailer.