25G Type 10’ Tower Sections


$100.00 – 10’L Mid-Section Assembly
$175.00 – 9’L Tapered Top Section
$104.95 – Hinged Base Section w/ ACWS (3’4″L)
$84.95 – 5’L Base Section

$79.95- concrete base plate
$104.20 – Heavy Duty House Bracket

25 series tower sections can make up a self-supporting or guy tower. Made for light antenna loading and is a low cost solution to increase Wifi, cell phone, or alike signals. With a 12″ face and only weighing 40lbs, let our 25 series 10’L tower sections work for you.

New Tower Sections

  • Over 100 in-stock, readily available
  • Self Supporting up to 40′
  • Guyed Tower up to 190′
  • Discounts for larger orders.

25g tower sections for sale