25G Type 10’ Tower Sections


List Price:$115.00

$100.00 – 10’L Mid-Section Assembly
$175.00 – 9’L Tapered Top Section
$104.95 – Hinged Base Section w/ ACWS (3’4″L)
$84.95 – 5’L Base Section

$79.95- concrete base plate
$104.20 – Heavy Duty House Bracket


25 series tower sections can make up a self-supporting or guy tower. Made for light antenna loading and is a low cost solution to increase Wifi, cell phone, or alike signals. With a 12″ face and only weighing 40lbs, let our 25 series 10’L tower sections work for you.

New Tower Sections

  • Over 100 in-stock, readily available
  • Self Supporting up to 40′
  • Guyed Tower up to 190′
  • Discounts for larger orders.

25g tower sections for sale

Safety is a primary concern at Tower Direct.

Only trained, experienced, qualified, certified, and insured professional tower installers should ever attempt the installation, service, or dismantling of any tower. A local professional engineer should be involved in the tower selection and to verify the installation is adequate to support all intended loads. All safety information for any tower is the responsibility of the installer & tower buyer.

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